University of Manitoba – Mustafa Kemal University (Hatay, Turkey)

Collaboration with Dr. Tugrul Masatcioglu (Food Engineering Department) on:

  • High temperature and high pressure extrusion cooking of cereal and pulse flours using physical blowing agents.
  • Investigation of the physical (bulk density, expansion index, color, texture, microstructure) and functional (water binding capacity, water solubility, emulsion stability,emulsion capacity, pasting properties) properties of the extruded food products.

University of Manitoba – Hacettepe University (Ankara, Turkey)

Collaboration with Dr. Serdar Aritan (Biomechanics Research Lab) on:

  • Determination of the bubble size distribution in bread dough at the end of mixing via segmentation of two dimensional dough images and extraction of three dimensional bubble size distributions from two dimensional segmented images.
  • Quantitative assessment of bubble dynamics in soft, viscoelastic media by bubble tracking over the stacks of two dimensional images.