2009/9 – 2015/2 Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy, Food Science, The University of Manitoba – Thesis Title: Bubble size distributions in non-yeasted wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) flour dough, Areas of Research: Acoustics, Agri-food Transformation Products, X-Rays Research

2007/1 – 2009/1 Master’s Thesis, Master of Science, Food Engineering, Middle East Technical University – Thesis Title: Effects of xanthan and guar gums on quality and staling of gluten free cakes baked in microwave-infrared combination oven, Areas of Research: Agri-food Transformation Products, Heat Transfer Research

2002/9 – 2007/1 Bachelor’s, Bachelor of Engineering, Food Engineering, Middle East Technical University – Research Disciplines: Agricultural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Nutrition