Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Dr. Filiz Koksel has joined the Department of Food Science.

New food scientist returns to her roots

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Bubbly foods

Insights from X-rays, Sound Waves and Bubble Dynamics

People’s Choice Winner: 3MT Finals, 2014

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The perfect loaf of bread!

Baking the perfect loaf of bread is both a science and an art, so researchers are using Canada’s only synchrotron to look at the way bubbles form in bread dough to understand what makes the perfect loaf and how gluten-free products might better resemble traditional bread.
Researchers from the University of Manitoba alongside scientists at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) synchrotron in Saskatchewan used powerful X-rays to look carefully at the fine details of dough. This is the first time that scientists have been able to see the very small bubbles that form within bread dough during the mixing process.
An interdisciplinary project carried out in collaboration with the Dept. of Food and Human Nutritional Sci. and the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy.
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